In their Words: Street Stories

I was in love with Good Charlotte when I was a teenager”, utters Riko Kronu the better half and founder of Street Stories, while sitting in his living room couch. A minute later, in came Pezo the other founder and younger brother of Riko, he picks a chair and joins us in the conversation. He’s still pretty stoked about how in two years time the band has gone from a mere hobby to a full time wage for both him and Riko. “When we started out the band, I didn’t need anything else he proudly states”.  “I got my band and I don’t give a shit”. The other members too have similar tales; they dropped off college for a year only to give time to their passion. Pezo and I were classmates during our years at junior college and if I’d have to recall back some memories of some moments from back that makes me LMAO was his rebelliousness for telling teachers to fuck off! He was desperately uninterested in formal education and only wanted to follow his passion for music. As a result now, the band is thankful for everything that came their way and everything Street Stories saved them from.

Their previous rehearsal room was far away from where they reside and this was one of the major drawbacks they had to face when they just started up the band. However, the band’s current space is a soundproof filled with quality equipments and thus makes them comfortable in continuing to do what they do best. Formed in 2010, the band has gone from scourging and stealing local shows to headlining and winning competitions. Their first studio effort “The apple and the clown” is outstanding displaying some authentic youthful and willful indie/pop-punk. FYI – they recorded the entire extended play within a span of 3 days at Lucid Recess studio, Guwahati.

Street Stories in the Jam Room

Of course, it would be remiss to forget that along the way the band have managed to amass an equally impressively caucus of haters to counteract the positivity. “We don’t want to let our critics have the last laugh”. “We all want to be amazing” says Riko; when asked about critics and punters who took a dim view of the band’s style.

Conversation moves to the kitchen – As Riko makes everyone a brew, he at the same time shares a little bit more about the band and their link to one another. “We’re all best mates”, “A lot of bands will be on tour or play a gig then after which they’ll go do their own shit the minute they get home. We actually are good friends and all of us enjoy hanging out all the time”.

Street Stories @ Ray-Ban Never Hide Sounds - Shillong

A while later Matsram came in, he just got off college. As he sits down to make himself comfortable he took out his cellphone and stares wide-eyed at a picture of them performing at the Escape Festival of Arts and Music, turns to us and said “It was the best time of my life”.  He further excitedly admits, “watching Scribe’s drummer Viru was such a joy, he plays extremely tight his kick drum looked like it was gonna explode every time he pummels it”.  A second later Pezo confides from the opposite direction to where we were sitting. “I want this band to go further, and I want us to build on the base on the last album and make something better. It’s tense at times but what we do next has got to be amazing, I’m the one who’s super lazy who never wants to get up from bed but I drag the band from wherever it is and make sure they’re all at practice on time”. “Also, at this point we do realize that people mainly our fans expect certain awesome things from us, whatever we do onstage by no means is fabricated this band is what it is , we have an image to live up to now.”

Street Stories @ Escape Festival 2012

Street Stories have come a long way on a condensed struggle and schedule, and somewhere along the way what this band is, whether the onstage banter or the hooks-laden songs, everything about them are level-headed and realistic and who knows they could be the next big thing to have emerged out of our hill station at the moment.

Chameleon Press Staff

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