Undying Inc unveils news for second Norwegian tour

Undying Inc

Following the success of their first Norwegian tour, modern thrash giants’ UNDYING INC. will hit the Viking land once again. Like a blazing four man army fireworks blow-out, Undying INC. has another mission to accomplish and i.e. to represent the Indian metal fraternity at the Inferno Metal Festival Norway.

The past years has seen some of India’s most amazing metal talent in the likes of Demonic Resurrection and Scribe gracing the stages of the festival with full force. This year, Undying INC. is set to go play at this extreme metal festival dating from the 4th – 7th April at John Dee which is one of the venues. Also, in the words of Shashank Bhatnagar front-man of Undying, “all members of the band are super stoked about this opportunity and furthermore, it is a great honor to be playing in a festival that features astounding extreme metal biggies Autopsy, Decapitated, Aborted, Borknagar and Triptykon on the headlining bill.”

Metal Inferno is an annual extreme metal festival hosted in 6 different venues all over Oslo Norway,  showcasing some of the world’s most gut-kicking and marvelous metal acts, held during the Easter season. The festival also offers conferences, expos, sightseeing and art exhibition.


Inferno Festival Norway

Inferno Festival ,Norway


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