Top 5 for Youth Icon 2012 announced

Shillong’s premier communication skills empowerment institute Avenues is celebrating its 10th year anniversary this year. It will be a celebration unlike any other we have had in our town and Avenues is organizing the “Youth Icon  Awards 2012”. We have many personalities among us who have have chosen the road less traveled to start their venture from scratch and have done their bit towards contributing to society. Most of them are unrecognized and have done it without any help or support having only their passion as the fuel that drives them. The whole idea is to identify and felicitate our unsung heroes  whose efforts have had an overwhelming effect on the youth.

The Avenues Youth Icon Awards are an Initiative for Change. They are not a Commercial Venture, Political Campaign, or a Popularity Contest. Avenues does not make anything out of it. The winners are not going to win money, contracts or a ticket to success. But they take home something so much more than that. Encouragement. Appreciation. And Respect. And for some of us, these three words are the difference between giving up and giving back. The Awards are just an imaginative, energetic and modern platform to recognize effort and hard work. Can we let it be just that? We invite everyone to be a part of this celebration of youth, and to keep things fun and positive!

After a hectic four weeks of public voting by SMS to choose the first ever youth icon of the State, organizers Avenues today announced the names of the five persons who made the cut to the final phase of voting that will begin on September 15 midnight. Informing the press today that close to 15,000 votes were cast by people from across the State to choose their icon, Avenues Managing Director, Mark Laitflang said, “The response was tremendous in that almost 250 people were nominated.” He added, “After final computation of the votes cast five people have made it through the final phase which will end on midnight October 1, 2012.” On that note, Ladies and Gentlemen, fellow Meghalayans, Avenues presents your first ever, Top 5 Youth Icons! You got them here with YOUR votes – now, Vote for YOUR, YOUTH ICON OF THE YEAR!



Lhai Sing Khongshei: The Social Worker

Activist, Advocate, Grassroot Social Worker

Founder, Nongpriang Self Help Group, Sohra / Member, Khatar Shnong Social Organisation, Sohra / RTI Activisit / Active Representative for Peoples’ Rights, Sohra / Village Leader, Laitmawsaw




Larsing Ming Sawyan: The Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur, Hotelier, Sports Advocate, Ambassador for Tourism

Managing Director, Centre Point Group Enterprises / Gen. Sec., Lajong Football Club / President, MTDF





Junestar Kharbuli: The Protector

Community Hero, Youth Leader, Peace Enforcer

President, BAM (Bouncers’ Association of Meghalaya / President, Youth Congress, East Shillong / Secretary, Seng Samla Malki / National Competitor – Arm Wrestling




Eugene Niangti: The Innovator

Innovator, Motor Sports Enthusiast, Daredevil turned Entrepreneur

Promoter, Thrills Fun Park (Meghalaya’s first Go-Karting Circuit)






Conrad Sangma: The Politician

Entrepreneur, Orator par Excellence, Dynamic Politician

Leader of the Opposition, Govt of Meghalaya/ Founder, SS Netcom Pvt Ltd, Shillong /  Treasurer, PA Sangma Foundation




Send in your nominations for YOUTH ICON OF THE YEAR by midnight, 1st October’12.

SMS:  SH ICON <Icon’sName> to 9774 21 21 61.

Remember: Just 5 votes count!

The Icon with the most nominations at the end of the voting period, will be felicitated at the Grand Finale, slated for 2nd Oct’12.

Please Vote Responsibly! This is Meghalaya’s first ever, Youth Icon of the Year and Role Model for Youth. Your vote DOES make a difference.


Chameleon Press Staff

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