Review: The ADATA SH93

Well, it’s been close to 3 months now since my hard drive had crashed. My friends always complain as to why I keep on discussing about my external hard drive that crashed. For all those people whose externals have crashed, only they will know the pain. Well, this is why I decided to write about an external hard drive which is relatively a little bit safer than its counterparts.

Let me introduce you to the Adata SH93, well it does claim to be the first ever waterproof external HDD and it is shock resistant too. At the first glance on the product, it really does, and trust me when I say it, look cool although a little fancy with the design when compared to other external hard drives but let me tell you the fancy cover too has a reason for it to be there. It is actually a rubber casing protecting the drive at all corners and it is because of this covering that the HDD gets its Shock resistant feature.


This is one portable drive and has been designed to be portable with its USB cable having the feature to be wrapped around and fixed to the sides of the HDD. It’s a little clumsy and takes some time but it is really worth to make it as portable as it is and it also helps with people like me who are a little bit careless and lose their things often. Yes I am talking about all those USB cables that people unintentionally lose. With tis wrap-around feature there are less possibilities of losing those USB cables. This is truly one external drive you can carry around and as the website mentions, “the Superior Series SH93 also passed the U.S. military-class MIL-STD-810F 516.5 drop test2. Its rugged design survives those inevitable occasional knocks and bumps, and survives accidental drops onto tough surfaces, thus greatly enhancing survivability of stored information.” Even the port where the USB cable is to be connected is padded and when shut it too is waterproof.

Now talking about the value for money, it is of course a little bit more in terms of price when comparing to the other brands and specs they provide but yes it is very much worth it with the feature you get with it. It is available in the 500 GB, 750 GB and 1 TB variants with red, yellow and black colours but yes it is still USB 2.0 and not been upgraded to USB 3.0 and thus the transfer speeds are 480 MB/s at the maximum. It is a plug and play device and it is compatible with Windows, Mac as well as Linux environments. On buying the HDD you also get free software and Norton Internet Security (60 days). All in all it is a good investment for a relatively safer HDD and thus a little bit safer storage.

This product is but not readily available in town so if you are interested you can get it from popular shopping sites. For more information you can LOG ON to the official Adata website. Now, to rate the product, it is tough for me but personally I would give it a 9 on a scale of 1 to 10.

Subhajit Paul