Song Review: Fading Out – When Everything Falls Apart

Debut demo singles are tough to get right, and it’s pretty rare that they really wow a potential audience. When Everything Falls Apart (W.E.F.A) – “Fading Out”  (listen here) does not buck the trend much, showing off a decent amount of skill but also showing an equal amount of missed opportunity. The music manages to hit the right blend of melodic metal styles in such a way to be entertaining, but there isn’t quite enough power or feeling behind it to make a massive impact.

Lyrically, “Fading Out” tells the tale of a spiritually lost soul that is now being abandoned with a sense of remorse in favor of starting anew. The track generally range from slow to mid-paced, although there are some blast beats thrown in for good measure. In addition, the track comes in with the slow, depressing guitars, and vaguely mesmerizing keyboards, along with a few instances of harsh vocals. Bass lines are also heard a good portion of the time, breaking out of the melodic metal standard. This is for sure an interesting musical style that shows potential for future releases, but isn’t quite spectacular yet.

Rating: 4/10


Chameleon Press Staff

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