Song Review: Breathe in a new life – Aberrant

Normally, when 5 members of 5 different bands decide to form a band, the results are somewhat more than spectacular ain’t it? Yeah it is and playing fair in a game as such, is none other than Shilong’s very own super metal group ABERRANT. The New Breed of Prog tech metal actually bucks that trend and proves it through very first single. With a bit of a Threat Signal-inspired feel mixed with a bit of Pantera – esque atmosphere, this band has proven that they can span genres and stay coherent.

While the production is sounding crisp, the guitar work on this single is also well-done; the astounding riffing mixes together with the lead solo and flow into each other well.  The short end of it is that the Band manages to incorporate some interesting cross-genre elements, while staying firmly rooted in the Prog tech metal sector the entire time.

Rating: 7.5/10

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Chameleon Press Staff

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