Miss Shillong 2012 announced

Formed since 1983 Fashion Society Shillong is a registered organization with an objective to promote beauty, fashion and music in this region. Over the years since its inception the society has been known for its ever blossoming pageant contest christened as Miss Shillong. This Year the Society is bringing back this renowned pageant of our small town and the theme for this year’s contest is a tribute to the legendary Michael Jackson. And as pageants may be aligned with community or social organizations to raise money for charities, Miss Shillong 2012 too is in aid of HOPE ORPHANAGE, Mawkyrwat.

During the past months, the girls have been busy getting themselves primped for the big day that will take place at the State Central Library on the 27th of this month and amidst their busy schedule, our Editor has tried to take some of his and some of the girls time out to get their views on their preparations and efforts that they’ve undertaken to be a part of this pageant.

Beautymon a young budding model who hails from Shillong is currently pursuing her media technologies at St. Anthony’s College. She herself confesses that she feels she has the potential to become Miss Shillong and as well as a journalist, owing to the fact that journalism is one among her passions.

Diksha Pradhan is a class eleven student whose hobbies are dancing and designing, she’s joined Miss Shillong because of her mom, who had been a very dear inspiration to her and with all the heart and support that her mom has poured into her she’s dedicating this contest that she’s part of to her beloved mom.

She’s 19 years old and she’s an English honors student. Standing 5’8/2 inches Damini Thapa has joined Miss Shillong after she bagged the Miss Mawprem title. This past achievement of hers made her realize her potential and capability. Therefore, with a strong desire to move ahead and prove herself that she can do so much better she is now one amongst the girls competing in this edition’s of Miss Shillong.

Born and brought up in Shillong Hirshita Ahmej is a damsel who has completed her Hotel Management Degree from Benguluru, “When I got back home, I came across the Miss Shillong ad hoarding and that eventually lead my way into this pageant revolution.” She explains.

Sangita makes a statement that “pageants are not mere trivial events whose interpretation required no scholarly effort but they are a platform that feeds confidence into a person and make them realize their potential”.

Deikisha Lyngdoh is perhaps one of the youngest contestants; she’s currently in tenth standard. She admits that she’s shopaholic who loves to write poems and she’s happy living her life. She stormed her way in with massive confidence and further states, “If I make it to the top three and become Miss Shillong 2012 she’d like to make a lot of contributions to our society and she also admits that she’s a very easy going person.’ Ahemm!!

Well, we’re glad that we’ve got a hang of how it is to be a part of a multi-tiered competition and even more so, we’re glad that these seven girls had shared some of their views about the contest and a little bit about themselves too.

The ultimate Show kicks off day after tomorrow, and only then we shall see how this who is to be crowned Miss Shillong 2012. Till then keep your guards on hold and keep your eyes glued to the Fashion Society’s Facebook Page for more info.


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