Roundup: Evening of Comedy and Magic

John Lanong, Swapan Verma and Sorabh Pant brought their awesomeness to the table at the evening of Comedy and Magic on the 2nd Feb 2013.

The show kickstarted with a magical opening act by John Lanong who came out with genuine refinement of his craft, from turning blank paper into a hundred rupees bill to chewing a tube light! He’s got some pretty good tricks up his sleeve. We hope to see more of him and his act in the days to come.

Swapan Verma was the first comedian that took the stage and his dirty jokes attack was a flourishing hotbed of humor. His mesh of racist jokes too nailed it hard on his slot and got the crowd some diabetes inducing laughter. 😀

The main act of the night Sorabh Pant was all out in-your-face and had a varied range of jokes. He had a lot of racist and sardar jokes to tell and fortunately enough, Sardar and wife were on front row taking the consequences. Anyway, both sets by the two comedians got very good responses and were caught up with a whirlwind of good laughs and good vibes.

After the show, we had the privilege of sitting down to chat with the guys. We got them talking on how much they enjoyed performing here and what Shillong is all about to them. They started off by mentioning that they’re both from East India Comedy, a company that produces standup comic shows and have done shows in various cities in India and this is their first time in the Northeast and Shillong.  They have been doing it for almost five years now and they write a lot of comedy and they love it. They said that they have never travelled 13 hours to do a show but in the end it was totally worth it. Sorabh is also an author and he just wrote a book called “The Wednesday Soul” which was on sale at the venue.  They are looking  to do more shows here and also bring in a comedy tour called “Traveling Pants” as well.

Sorabh Pant

Chameleon Press Staff

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