Review: X-JAM-Shillong

After having hit the Manipur and the Guwahati circuit X JAM was finally set to take over Shillong…. As never expected the masses had hopes that this for sure is going to be as surreal as it can be or perhaps an event that is more likely to raise the bar of extreme sports and music alike. Now! This is what happened actually, never was X JAM an extravaganza that truly lived up to its name neither ever consolidated the extreme sports scene in the city.

 DAY 1 – FRIDAY 17th August

The first reaction of real excitement of the Shillongites for the event that has promised to feature a lot of cool dope ended up being a sheer disappointment to most, even more so when the diminishing or rather postponing of the events that has been slated to happen on the very day itself. What happened to this line up of bands that were supposed to play on the first day?

1. Symphonic Illusions (Meghalaya)

2. Dead Note (Meghalaya)

3. Digital Suicide (Assam)

4. Rubicons (Manipur).

Empty venue on first day

Oh! And about the Skateboarding demo, we never even saw the performers in the first place. The promoters looked busy and all but were they really? It makes us curious to the core seeing those running up & down when yet nothing much happened. Strange! The venue had 20 people max and after the much delay of about 5 hours, yes! 5 hours as the time stated to start was 1:30 pm in the afternoon but reality saw it starting only at 6. Anyway, after all the anticipation and sick of waiting moments to most, a troupe of only 10 to 11 people were left seen to watch the event of which is supposedly to be of a vast multitude smashed into oblivion and this was indeed a very inauspicious introduction to those organizers who talked about keeping the scene alive with a larger audience.

DAY 2 – SATURDAY 18th August

The bike stunting had some success in riling the crowd, but then again the absence of proper timings to kick off the events as per scheduled left most people disappointed and of course the heavy rain and mud never seemed to be an antidote instead added more hustle and bustle. Well, B-boying sort of revel the occasion it was a brief momentum builder. Whereas, the bands performances was lukewarmly received by the many due to the many glitches, technical mishaps and sweltering conditions with the sound system. Over that, Dead Note wasted half & hour just in tuning their guitars, Aberrant had their worst nightmares to have ever played on an event like that, DJ Abhinav was spotted carrying a table and setting up his players all by himself….(where the heck were the event crews?? Fail!) The BMX boys as well had to build the vert themselves. It was a pain to watch them fall down after every stunt they showed. An air of disappointment is all that remained after Digital’s Suicide second scheduled set was cancelled. Moreover, the whole event went down like a damp squib. Period!

Biker @ X-Jam

Dead Note



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