Review: Indigo Children’s new singles

Indigo Children’s two released singles “Jesus was a mushroom” and “Why don’t you follow me down” indeed have set a sublime benchmark for future efforts to be measured by in terms of musical depth with and easy-to-relate lyrical output. “Jesus was a mushroom” kick starts with some stirring bass-lines and apparently seems to inform listeners as to how the band positively evokes a feeling of some after- spliff- effect goodness and a psychedelic feel with clever use of guitar effects. It is an accomplished song and also showcases some brilliant songwriting ability. “Why don’t you follow me down” on the other hand has a beautifully punk-spirited with a touch of rebellion lyrical package and features some tuneful guitar lines with flawless vocal delivery from front-man, Sanchal Malhar. The band successfully combined some wicked guitar layers and effects with some really fancy and unique drum patterns. Both singles have some amazing bounce in them to keep your brains flying high while listening to them. All these elements in both singles definitely score straight A’s and are impressive as fuck.

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Jesus Was a Mushroom :9/10

Why don’t you follow me down : 8.5/10

Chameleon Press Staff

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