Video Review: Its Love – Divine Connection

MTV Desi Beats 2011 winner Divine Connection (Nagaland) has launched its highly anticipated music video “its love” on February 12 2012. The track has a jazzy/classy feel and the song emphasizes on different facets of life searching for love which is also depicted in the video. A good production overall but we are a little dispirited about the mismatch of the dynamics between the track and the video. First impression was that the programmed drums on the track are not synchronized with the drumming dynamics  in the video. Mr Drummer, you could have played the drums harder and with more emotion. However, this video can be enjoyed less the eye for criticism and it raises the bar for independent music video production in the Northeast.

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Video Producers:  Divine Connection , Creovaent Productions
Directors: Prithish and Puja Chakraborty 
Assistant Director: Nirupam Deka
Original Concept & Screenplay: Puja Chakraborty 
Line Producers: Bikram Kakati, Dhirtiman Bhardwaj
Associate Producers: Nirupam Deka, Rahul Sinha
Casting: Prithish Chakraborty, Puja Chakraborty
Casting Assistant: Rahul Sinha 
Cinematography: Biswajit Changmai
Editor: Jhulan Krishna Mahanta
Set Design Concept: Creovaent Productions
Set Design Supervision: Jyotishankar Bhattacharya
Make-Up Supervision: Arpita Malakar

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