Rebel County 2012 Lineup

REBEL COUNTY is back. Being an event that emphasizes on environmental awareness, this time it will bear the tagline ” FAT FOR FUEL”. Traffic Congestion is a serious problem the city of Shillong is facing right now and REBEL COUNTY will run a campaign to highlight the importance and the need of walking in lieu of travelling by vehicles.
The Lineup is as follows:

Dawn of  Demise ( Denmark)

Plague Throat (Shillong)

Chronic Xorn (Kolkata)

Aberrant (Shillong)

Dead Calm Chaos (Shillong)


The event will take place on the 20th October 2012 and will be hosted at State Central Library, IGP, Shillong

Tickets available at:

Laitumkhrah: CAFE MoT & Thei’s Shop
Police Bazar: Fantas & Melody
Jaiaw: JS Store
Mawlai: Silda Store & RM Collections

Gates open at 2pm.
Show starts at 4pm.

Chameleon Press Staff

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