Rangdap emerges as winner of Autumn Music Festival 2012 – Shillong leg.

Throughout the several weekends of the different months and days we’ve seen, heard and even experienced live bands, karaoke event, EDM sessions, guitar workshops and festivals. The scene’s changing, and hopefully it gets better in the coming days. Cut to what has just happened though, past Friday the 21st September this place woke up to the sounds of 10 no wait!! 9 acts  supposed to be ten but one band didn’t show up. Anyway, yes there were nine bands that competed at the Autumn Music Festival Prelims, an event by the American Center, American General Consulate Kolkatta. The initiative was brought back to Shillong after the good folks at the American Center have been consciously impressed by the underground/untapped talent in this part of the country.

The night saw quite a variety of musical genres representing the scene at the elims. There were three hip hop acts, one of which is a newbie christened as Young Bloodz Souljahz who was chosen to perform first. These poor kids who’re seemingly confused in the venue were soaked with numerous glitches that made them perform the one single cover rap song almost a five times. Following YBS was Symphony, a newly formed band started their set with a Maroon 5 cover, then proceeded to performing their own original, which given their aptitude they could do a better job next time. When Everything Falls Apart took the stage next and a sparse crowd was seen congregating down the front welcoming the post-hardcore gentlemen for their first show in Cloud 9, this five piece, however has to do the task of refining their bass and guitar tones as well as rehearse relentlessly before doing a live show; after which there would be no more crap about their band. Another rap outfit was slated to perform after WEFA, this one’s called Shillong Unique Kicks or in short S.U.K. They played a decent set, yet, they’ll need to raise their game and perfect their craft if they’d like to be reckon as a paramount act. Following S.U.K was sets of incredibly delicate guitar lines, sweet coats of drums crash and killer basslines of Rangdap, Jonathan and Gideon. The three musketeers were then joined by Jameer who kept the temperature rising with his passionate vocal delivery, the contrast that knew no bounds was set the moment they arrived on stage and they delivered a colossal of a performance and were eventual winners of the night.

Joe Mc as a soloist is as rich and sharp as he has ever been and once again this was proven with his two song set that included a Creed cover. Metalcore outfit Acts of Violence stormed their way through playing a Lamb of God cover and their own original song. Dosser’s Urge we’re pretty uncomfortable with the sound when they initially started but as they moved on these guys solved the puzzle of sound issues there was no objection that they played some tight, psychedelic indie rock with a brand new single “Experience Love” and were declared first runners up. Gabriel La’Bard well, could he be the next Tupac Shakur? We say yes. With good promotion and not letting anyone else mess with his stuff this kid has got what it takes to be the next veteran MC of our state. All this is evident from his performances be it at the KWC or here in the AMF prelims combining his rapping, absurd humour and a quite frankly bizarre stage ego that he’s trippin on, he’s a truly demented delight and also was the 2nd runner up.

The Autumn Music Festival Prelims Shillong witnessed some newcomers and old school rockers alike. The show was more than justified as it served as a platform to all sorts of genres everyone left home happy and joyful. Rangdap & Dosser’s Urge will proceed to Kolkata for the Finals to be held on October 5, 2012, Friday: 7pm – 10 pm: @ Tantra, The Park.

Chameleon Press Staff

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