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Chameleon Press is a metal-head through and through but sometimes the genre fails to impress as it is.  Don’t get the chameleon wrong, but heavy metal tends to get stale and the chameleon hope a lot of the metal-heads out there knows that as well. However, there are a few bands who has so far grabbed the chameleon’s attention and shaked this reptile. Forgive the chameleon, if it sound’s mean and cynical but this is what it truly feels, especially when the chameleon hear those stereotype Power-Metal bands. Power metal: master of epic guitar solos and frequent champion of all that is cheesy. Some love it for the deliciously grandiose high-pitched vocals, and others hate it for the exact same reason. The chameleon for one goes with the latter. Without a doubt there are the obvious big names in the scene like Fates Warning, Blind Guardian, and Jag Panzer, but what’s going on in the underground these days? Isn’t it the hordes of black metal, death metal, thrash, metal-core, post- hardcore & even Djent! to name a few.

Coming to the other side of the story, the chameleon admits that these are sub genres that are relentless packed with punishing breakdowns, spliced with some ambient & groovy approach as well &  Modern Metal bands playing these genres although being underground yet have proven themselves that they’re worthy enough for higher recognitions. These bands have really brought about a change to the metal community by creating music beyond the line that the chameleon for now even fail to describe it in words, It’s indescribable, it’s out there straight in- your-face, relentless & melding different arsenal to the battle discarding the traditional metal sound.

For the most part, the chameleon is very glad to see the evolution of these new breed of metal music makers from across the globe following the concept rather a new trend that Heavy Metal is now all about pushing boundaries and experimenting to bring forward the life of the Genre’s firmness in its new structure.

Also, the chameleon would now like to add a bonus mention that the entire Metal cosmos is evolving day by day due to the constant fusion of different styles and technical proficiency practiced by today’s bands to create a sound distinct and fresh from whatever the new found trend of making Metal is. Well, to conclude the chameleon admits that it’s really proud to bring forward this statement that there are some of those bands who are working hard shedding their blood & sweat to create music of sheer heaviness, technicality & the progressive nature that each of their compositions holds fame of being, that undoubtedly determines their characteristics of them bringing about stunning slab of hardcore. BEHOLD!


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