A great case of the munchies. They call this town the ‘scotland of the east’ but isn’t that a lil lofty much? Filled with greenery but no place to bask in the sun while we enjoy our food. Unless you don’t mind driving back and forth to kyrdemkhla or laitlynkot, which I may point out has become quite a noisy picnic stop for many. Sad to say but there are very few places in town that serve their food outdoors.

Juicy Lucy

Munchies, a local business owned by Mr Anand, strategically in the heart of don bosco caters good food and great music. A flat screen tv airing live concerts of various awesome bands plays all day and who would dare decline a good dose of RHCP while indulging in a Juicy Lucy burger? Yes, that protein chargrilled temptation that shillong people love ;). Nevertheless, options are open..take your pick. There’s an epic music playlist with live shows of artists the likes of Queen, Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd; music festivals like Woodstock, Crossroads, Bonnaroo and not to mention the very rare collection of electronic music festivals around the world. Its just like hanging in your living room except that its open air and there’ll be probably strangers on the next table.

Chameleon Press Staff

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