Mon Khmer feat. Jeremy Loucas to perform in Cloud 9

AH! Ladies and gentlemen, this year seems to be yet another year that’s going to be filled with a lot of promising gigs. It’s just the beginning of the year and we already have an awesome band from Brooklyn, New York to kick-start the gig circuit in our hometown. Ladies and gentlemen, Monkhmer is in town!

Monkhmer is a group of austroasiatic languages that includes Mon of Burma and Khmer, the language of Cambodia. There is no trend, fad or gimmicks about this outfit started originally by our very own homegrown musician Hammarsing Kharhmar Sawyan. Monkhmer have carved out an updated classic rock sound that flows organically live and on the record.

Watch out for this quartet as they hit Cloud 9 this coming Friday the 18th of January to spring up a set that can be really captivating alongside Jeremy Loucas, a Belgian audio engineer and record producer who is co-producing Mon Khmer’s latest EP’s with Hammarsing.

Check event details below.

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