Love is in the Hair

Let it loose. Tie it up. Go shabby with an afro. Chop it down.  Wanna try dreadlocks?  Colour it up .  Make a coontail. Dye it black. Or simply stay au naturale. The choice is endless and all yours.

One thing we absolutely love to toy around with is our hair. Its like the endless war of maintaining what we are already blessed with against the countless experimentations. It’s the one accessory that can’t be designer’s wear but definitely custom made.

Nothing makes a louder fashion statement than an over the top hairdo.

Those music videos, those spunky new artists, those red carpet walks influence us the mass in a huge way.

Lofty, over the top or going back to classic looks; it all gives a glimpse of our personality.

And just like the rest of the world, the Shillong crowd is a part of this mass movement of the hair tale. Let me further enlighten you 😉

The usual spend on a squeeze of shampoo won’t do for your hair unless you’re a 9-to- 5 grey suit guy or one of ‘em hippies who doesn’t even need that shampoo 😀

If you’re young and let’s just say socially active you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Well if you don’t, Bless you child. Ignorance is still bliss in your case.

But for the rest of us where You and I fall on the same wavelength you certainly need that conditioner and that often visit to the hair salon and if its scorching heat or chillblain winter your hair is under the weather as well.

If You’re still arguing about the fact that Shillong scene hasn’t changed a bit; then why aren’t all of us in our usual brown or black strand? Or even a better question what happened to those ‘bowl’ cut as we say: D. Oh yes a lightbulb moment right there!

We love our hair but way more than that, to mess it up in our own weird way.

Who are ‘we’? I am the boy who wakes up in the morning and make sure my hair is gel’d up well before I step out. I am the girl who likes the colour blue even on my hair.  I am the bold face who likes it cropped well. I am the one who likes it curled down blonde. I am just like you.

 So next time you see Katy Perry in her Laguna blue curls or those pokey strands of Travis Barker or when Hailey Williams is receiving an award in her brighter than sun Red hair Don’t be too shy to try it. You’ll never know unless you try

P.S : I will not be responsible for the aftermath of the experimentation. Deal with your own creation, Frankenstein 😉 Take it easy!