Karaoke World Championships – Shillong Finale Results

Karaoke in Shillong might be oblivious to the world, but there’s an enormous pool of karaoke singing talent from this part of the country, that are just a few steps away from their debut at the Karaoke World Championships finale in Finland. Our pine city witnessed one of the most intense karaoke battles at Cloud 9 for a chance to represent the country in the Karaoke World Championships Grand Finale to take place in Finland. Sixteen churning talent went neck to neck in proving oneself to be the best. The seeds were sown during the trial rounds and what was left for the lads and lass on this occasion was to simply bring out their best to the table or perhaps their cutting edge performances that would leave everyone else in the house spine-tingled. Most participants without a doubt gave their best shot and took the stage by storm, but, like every other sport or contest there has to be winners:

Female  Category                                                               Male Category

Winner: Gracyl Ropmay.                                                 Winner: Jameer Kharkongor.

Runner up: Asenla Jamir.                                               Runner up: Freddy Nelson Thangkhiew.

Apart from these names, there are individuals who are revered and regarded as gems of the Karaoke scene. Jecinta Mawlong, Joe Mc, Teiboklang Tongper, Samuel Ralte, Cathy Laloo, Evanricia Jyrwa, Gerald Duia, John Duia, Gabriel La Bard, Mark Shabong and Rishanbor Khyriem are the other personalities who’re blessed with excellent potential talent, though they did not make the cut. Yet, they gave a tight battle to most fellow contestants. All in all, each and every participant have stolen their show with their willful and mighty performances and treated everyone at the venue to a magnificent second edition and very first Shillong’s Chapter of the Karaoke World Championships.

Chameleon Press Staff

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