Interview: If Hope Dies

If Hope dies is one of the newer bands in the metal scene and with a high energy live performance and along with some manic groove and Djent laced compositions, they have already established themselves as a band with immense promise. Recently the band inked a record deal with Dark Evening Records (USA/Asia) and Chameleon Press had a chance to catch up with the guys for a brief chat on their music, influences and their future agendas.

-How did If Hope Dies get together?

IHD: It was just a shared idea between me and Abinash, a mutual who was interested in playing metal,  then later we both decided to take things seriously and started looking forward for filling  the remaining line up. Presently we are:



-How would you like to describe your sound?

IHD: ummm, well it’s just a pure doze of Experimental Metal….

-What are your main influences?

IHD: Life,People & Rock and Roll.

-Why should people listen to your music?

IHD: Cuz, each and every part of our song has something to say, to deliver to the people & how hard we tried shaping it to perfection.

Are you guys working on your new material like an E.P. or a fully fledged album? What can you tell our dear reader’s about it?

IHD: We are working our asses off… for our future EP (hopefully we get it published in early 2013). Writing process is going on and few test clips has been already made just to check how it sounds and yes it is sounding really promising. Can’t wait for you people to hear it… we might come up with a pre-production stuff… just keep an eye in our official facebook page.

-How long have you guys been in the band, what have you learned from the music scene so far?

IHD: It’s been almost 2 years now and yes we have learned a dozen of things every time we go on/off stage, meeting new people/places, there is always something new to learn, well this things will lead us to grow more professionally & efficientlyJ.

-Biggest Achievement as a band so far?

IHD: We Just got signed by DARK EVENING RECORDS (Asia/USA), a couple of weeks back & that’s a huge achievement for us, things are falling into places (apparently to us, the journey has just begun).

Talking about competitions, well we haven’t played many competitions but a few months back we were declared as a 1st runners up and won the best composition in a JECLAT (jalpaiguri govt college).

And most importantly, the people who loves/supports/believe in us…… that’s the greater achievement for us, cuz we are nothing without them.

-Finally, what’s next for the band?

IHD: Gigs, hard work & experimenting. Cheers and stay safe people. Keep supporting us, we need you.

If Hope Dies


Chameleon Press Staff

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