If music be the food, play on!

Pop, alternative, metal, jazz, blues, folk….the list is endless, I could go on & on with a list of my favorite bands of those genres that I’ve grown up listening to ever since I was ten years old. Of course for the record, my uncle’s riffs too were too good to be true; back in the days when he’d impress me with his tunes they’d enchant me & at times even takes me off to a magical world of dreams. Growing up as an ardent fan of music, I now realize that it’s so amazing to see how this five letter word “MUSIC” has cast a spell on me.

The bottom line still remains MUSIC, MUSIC, and more MUSIC. Music is much a part and parcel of our everyday lives that we sometimes find it difficult to even think of living our lives without it. The dictionary meaning for music is…..”an art of combining sounds for reproduction by voice or instrument (s) in rhythmic, melodic and harmonic form; or any pleasant sound. The Guinness Book of Records states that the world’s earliest surviving musical notation dates from 1800 B.C. there’s also an Assyrian love song that dates back to early as 1800 B.C. dedicated to an Ugaritic God. These unknown and rare musical facts in history just makes us ponder upon the fascinating power of music. We’ve all heard about the old saying…..”if music  be the food play on”.

What more can a music lover ask for but the timeless pleasures of good music? “What’s your favorite song? “If someone would ask you this question, you’d end up regretting that you missed out on the others. Do not worry. This is a common human error and it usually happens to everyone who has a passion for music.

That’s the magic of music! With the frantic city life today, very few of us realize the importance of music. We are all looking for peace, freedom and perfection in our lives. And it is here the music comes in. Remember that old saying? There’s a song for every reason……’ So in the hustle and bustle of your daily life, do take a few moments in experiencing the wonders of music.



Rundolf Mawlieh