Gig Review: Ray-Ban Never Hide Sounds presents Legend’s Night

Live shows are the backbone of the local music scene, here in our pine city the spurting non-mainstream musical talents who have been starving for a platform to make a breakthrough in showcasing their brand of music and to whet not only their appetite but also their fans alike, got the opportunity to do so, at the Ray Ban Never Hide Sounds Open Mic Night on 9th June which was past Saturday, as a part of the company’s 75th anniversary celebrations.

The bands slated to perform on the aforementioned occasion were selected on the basis of their popularity and how much of an impact have they by far made in the local scene. The show was partly a gig like the usual and partly a contest, wherein the most entertaining band stands a chance to play at the finale to be held in Mumbai in the coming months and since this year’s theme is Legend’s Night each band had to play a tribute to a legendary artist or band they look up to but in their own style and sound.

Line up:

Toxic Tequila

Tone 7

Emperical Tribe

Dosser’s Urge

Midnight Garden Factor

Street Stories


Digital Suicide (headliner)

Every time rock music gets full of itself some new and innovative band comes out to break the general norms and instead creates a new sound. However, in the case of the first band that played, which was none other than Toxic Tequila, a band formed just a week ago before the event, the evidence to witness that advancement never came to life.  For the most part of their set, many were experiencing boredom and existential confusion whether they were still sound checking or had actually plunged into their main set. Plus, there was no trace of original music all they played was covers. Yes! We do understand the theme but that doesn’t mean that they’d have to play only covers throughout the entire set. Droll.

Empirical Tribe

Moving on, the second band Tone 7 was of no difference from the former. They too played two covers only, one John Mayer and one Adele. The objective to create an atmospheric sound to capture moods and make the night theirs has lost all its true sense, wherein that spark in their music which could have atleast helped them gained a few fans was overshadowed by the cover songs that weren’t even played extremely well.

Emperical Tribe was up next. And boy oh boy! For a band that have been for quite some years in the music circuit, playing just one original was not the best way that a band like this one needs to make its mark to a larger audience. Although, had the opportunity to play twice yet never played for the original music delivery purpose, or either way they underestimated the audience’s abilities to appreciate their original music.

Dosser's Urge

Indie-men Dosser’s Urge kept it simple by playing a set that comprised of their originals. They kick-started their set with “Broke Again” and wrapped up with a new song “Jinx”. And yeah! Not to forget, they also played a Beatles tribute song.

Progressive metallers Midnight Garden Factor took the stage right after Dosser’s Urge. Professionals as they are mesmerized the audience with their surreal music. In short, MGF have displayed their versatility onstage and has carved a niche for themselves amongst the crowd.

Midnight Garden Factor

Taking the energy from punk rock and adding their own reflective attitudes Street Stories brought the revolutionary spirit of rock back to the forefront of society. They belted out a set of five kickass very tight songs and precise just like the music leaving no loose ends in place along with a ferocious stage act.

Street Stories

Guitar maestro composer and recordists Rangdap along with his team stepped up the stage with a loud applauses and cheering from the crowd. With his inventive chord changes and subtle guitar lines, he and his gang including Jasmine a singer of the Aroha choir who recently joined forces with him exploded into a breathtaking set.


Their music is characterized by complex structures, angular melodies and constant abrupt changes in tempo and time signature. Digital Suicide who was the headliner showed the band possessing a variety of depressive and beautiful emotions at their disposal as they alternate between serene and intense, with bass driven grooves, oblique structures and extreme volume shifts, their set comprised of their popular songs in the ilk of Ninja, Third world superstar, Overdrive and Paint me dry.

Digital Suicide

A big salute to Ray Ban and a huge hearty thank you from Chameleon Press for keeping the promise to aid the independent music scene by providing an independent platform to independent talent.

Digital Suicide





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