Gig Review: 4th Element @ Dejavu

Shillong offers the best weather, good hospitality and quite probably even food. Now, think of some sun-soaked Jazz, funk and R ‘n’ B and the refining aspect of life, whilst you’re sipping on light beer along with some of your buddies at a pub that has the presence of some surreal ambience.  Wouldn’t it be awesome and magically perfect? Just like two compatible bedfellows, isn’t it?

4th Element has honed their live set to perfection as was witnessed on the 16th of this month at DejaVu resto-lounge.  The alluring, awe-striking and vivacious frontwoman Sarahlee makes her vocal lines as spontaneously passionate as ever when it comes to vocals delivery, while she remains disarmingly honest and you just can’t take your eyes off her, apart from when over-excited boppers flick cigarettes in your face. hehe 😀 By all accounts, that night the band as a whole played whole heartedly but their performance was somewhat unremarkable. Nevertheless, their songwriting ability is paramount; fans old and new were drawn easily into the decadent wash of their set. Yes, yes, yes – that was heaven to most in the attendance. And yes. It really was 4th Element with their sound so rich and sharp as it’s ever been.  It’s Shimmering, fulfils the moment with the pristine essence of a spectacular pub lounge show, had people inside the venue sway to their tunes and to those newbies who just witnessed them on that particular night, they left the venue converted.

Ribor Marbaniang

Amit Mullick

Chameleon Press Staff

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