Gig Alert: Ray-Ban Never Hide Sounds

True to its commitment of presenting a platform for India’s burgeoning non-mainstream music, Ray Ban in association with Rolling Stone is back with the Never Hide Sounds show. Breaking the monotony of just having bands playing their own compositions, a twist has been added to this year’s edition of the show. This year’s theme is Celebrating Legends. So, not only the artist will play their original compositions but at the same time they’d also belt a tribute track to their favorite artist. For those of you, who have been starving for such a show, mark your calendars and we seriously mean it.

Ray-Ban Never Hide Sounds is back – continuing to provide a platform to talented yet unrecognized musicians from all over the country to showcase their talent & never hide. Our last year’s winners left us awestruck with their talent. Digital Suicide, Blek, Fire Exit, The Lightyears Explode! and LBG; each took home gear worth Rs 50,000. You can too!!

Showcase your talent at the Legends Night in your city and register for the Ray-Ban Never Hide Sounds talent hunt, which will put you in the running to win the coveted prize.

This year’s theme is Celebrating Legends. Pay a tribute to your favorite artist, along with original compositions.

Entry passes available at Cafe Shillong, Fantas, Cafe MOT & Rockski Office.


* Registrations at the venue begin at 4:00 pm

* You can also register online by sending in your details (Name, email id and contact number) to

* The performances will begin by 7:00 pm and the order of performances will be determined by the organizers

* Basic 5 piece drumkit, mics, guitar amp, bass amp and keyboard amp will be provided

* Each musician who registers, can perform not more than 3 songs, of which one has to be a tribute to a legendary artist.

* The tribute song can be played in the artists’ preferred musical style

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