EP Review: Awakening – Virgin Creep

Their moniker isn’t a reliable one indicator. Yeah! We did ask Adnan Ahmed , the guitarist and he said it’s just a random name.  He further admits that one of the guys came up with the name “CREEP” and I said why not add the word “VIRGIN” to it. This Guwahati quartet projects more of a strong alternative feel in line with the likes of Shinedown, there are shades of Soundgarden and even a touch of their neighboring premier alternative band Lucid Recess.

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They do however have an impressive arsenal of hooks and welcoming riffs. Although, bearing a passing resemblance to the likes mentioned above, yet, through their debut extended play “Awakening” has managed to introduce themselves to the ever burgeoning music scene of our country with an accomplished, if rather stale take on the alternative rock movement. Song wise, ‘Becoming a prisoner’ leaves the greatest impression. ‘The Insanity’ is an emphatic and cathartic conclusion dragging you back for one more spin of the album if the first dose wasn’t enough. Production wise, it is very evident that the whole EP has been recorded over a mechanical drum track which was programmed on a very consistent dynamic range. It holds back the feel that the band’s sound would’ve portrayed otherwise. This is a proper rock debut effort none the less.

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Ratings 6/10 


Chameleon Press Staff

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