Go Boho!

Worn-out of the look which seems to be samey and quite too intended for a muddled person like you? (gags ).Then it’s certainly high time to get some hippies going on this summer as I believe the bohemian look is the hottest trend of the moment. The Gypsy inspired style, ethnic patterns and the ’70s hippie touch that gives a certain allure of vintage, the boho trend is all about looking like you just threw on some clothes without thinking. Just mix and match clothes to create your own only one of its kind look. It’s comfortable, swingy practical and feminine. Now you need not worry about where to dig for the wardrobe, it’s already in your mother’s or even granny’s closet… like beaded tanks, lace scarves and eclectic jewellery.

Go Boho!

I was in fact getting bored to death of skin tight clothing which were sandwiching me into it, so the boho look is nothing but a bonus because to be a bohemian beauty, you’ll need to put away those skin-tight clothes. Skirts are the star of this fashion trend, so look for peasant or prairie skirts in solid colours or ethnic-inspired prints, which you can wear with plain fitted tank tops. If you’re not into skirts, then pair up your pants with embroidered tops or floaty tunics. A slouchy, baggy cardigan is the essential new boho styling prop.

And no worries about overdoing it – bohemian clothes look great with layered accessories so pile on some long necklaces and chunky bracelets, and when i say accessories the nature inspired designs are always on the top, like feather charm, wood bangles, or earrings made out of shells and leaf patterns. Wrap up a funky belt around your waist and step out in flats, gladiator sandals, flip flops or leather cowboy style boots. Naturally curly hair is good, braids and afros are also very Boho. So get the bandanas on and add some unstructured bohemianism into your life. It’s all about looking  natural!!!

Yamie Landi

Chameleon Press Staff

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