Album review: The apple and the clown – Street Stories

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It wouldn’t be surprising even if it’s an astonishing achievement for this Shillong Pop-Punk/Indie trio outfit, for they are stalwarts in their own rights – not only did they craft a power pop album with killer hooks and riffs, they also crafted a power pop album that’s a meta-commentary on the state of power pop and being in a rock band. On whichever level you enjoy it, it’s definitely a revelation. In addition, the songwriting in this E.P. Christened “Apple and the Clown” derives influences from the relationship of front-man Pezo Kronu and so is the name of the album. Believe it!  Reason being, Pezo calls himself the clown and his girlfriend the apple, quite a rare thought for naming a debut production right?. Anyway, with that said and done the music in this extended play are certainly beautiful, 5 tracks of unashamed ear candy. Imagine this: you have already decided if you like this record before you have even heard the first note. Imagine doing that, sounds weird isn’t it? but yes! This is a record that’s truly worth the buck…Now! Stop reading this; go get your copy ASAP!


Street Stories



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