Album Review: Counting Perfume – Split

Unashamedly produced by the earliest member of the band (Zorran Mendonsa), Split’s debut effort “Counting Perfume” looks as though it’s apparently intended to shock, those who thought they were gone for good; owing to the fact that they were on a hiatus for a year long. This 13 track gut kicking covered in red debut aims way above the belt, scoring a perfect bull’s eye.

album art

With tongues lodged in many cheeks rather even if they were serious, whatsoever the case maybe, both lyrics and the entire track list has all been lovingly executed with sumptuous alternative licks, punchy bass lines and ethereal, futuristic harmonica sounds. All this, with front man Garreth’s involvement in delivering articulate vocals sweeping across adrenaline fuelled songs and the deep buried hooks in them, will undoubtedly be the selling point. All in all, this album is of sheer quality and one which falls, just in the right place that’ll make you hungry for more.

Chameleon Press Staff

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