2012 Roundup: Best gigs of 2012

Year 2012 has undoubtedly been very appealing in terms of live music here in our small town, from pub rock shows to bigger live open air shows and festivals. As for most of us here at Chameleon Press, we’d attended almost every gig possible  and there are some which we think stood out. Taking that into consideration, here is the chameleon pick on some of the best  gigs of the past year.

1. Tri West Concert. feat Various Artists @ State Central Library, Shillong

Organised By: All India Radio, Shillong

This gig was a pleasant amalgamation of traditional and western music that showcased a lineup of various artists and bands from the region. It was a refreshing event that had both the softer side and the harder side of live music to kick start the year with.

Lou Majaw @ Tri West Concert

2. The Mumbai Punk Attack! feat. BLEK  & The Verbs @ Cloud 9

Organised By: Ennui.Bomb and Rockski Group

This gig was a profound experience to all indie/punk music lovers of the scene and a lot of young indie/pop punk bands of our hill station were spotted in the audience. The ringing guitars and tongue- in-cheek lyrics  took a warm and wistful look back at life and the result was one of the best indie/punk gigs last year.

Blek @ Punk Attack Tour


3. Krunk Live feat. B.R.E.E.D @ Cloud9

Organised By: Rockski Pulse

This was a first for the boys at Rockski Pulse. With a pilot event to introduce alternative club culture and music in our small town, there were various scenesters and hipsters who questioned the attempt. Nevertheless, this event was a banger and a benchmark in the evolving scene of our small town. Check video below.

4. Harley Rock Riders feat. Various Artists @ State Central Library, Shillong

Organised By: Rock Street Journal (RSJ)

After four years since they did their first gig(GIR) here, RSJ was back again with a show that re-defined the spectacle of another amazing event. This event caught the eyes of everyone in town were the Harley Davidson Bikes that were on display throughout the three days of the event. Simultaneously, the performances of the bands were as generic as they came from pop punk to alt rock and rounded up with some metal. Street Stories delivery was one heck of a musical adventure. Lucid Recess thundered through their progressive sound but unfortunately with every song following the same predictable pattern, their set lost public interest. Fast and chaotic, the   metal men from Mumbai known as Bhayanak Maut lifted every gig attendee spirit with their tightly wound trash assault.  By far this was yet another impressive venture of RSJ here in our hometown.

Bhayanak Maut @ Harley Rock Riders

5. Rebel County 2012 feat Various Artists @ State Central Library, Shillong

Organised by: Rockski Group

This was probably one of the “best metal gigs [sic]” Shillong has seen in a long long time as quoted by many. We loved the raw production theme coupled with the crystal clear and powerful sound system and not to forget the near perfect lights mixing. It was a different experience altogether to have 3 of Shillong’s current renowned metal bands Plague Throat, Aberrant and Dead Calm Chaos and Kolkata’s Chronic Xorn on the same stage with Dawn of Demise (Denmark); not going at it for a prize money or contest title but just putting their act together and giving the audience a good metal concert! For about 5 hours on the evening of 20th October 2012, State Central Library shook and trembled as the bands unleashed their metal brand on to the 1200 strong metal crowd. We were reminded of the haphazard movement of atoms as we watched the crowd and bands exchanging energy. It was quite the environmental awareness addressing platform.

Dawn of Demise @ Rebel County 2012

6. Escape To Mawkdok  feat. Various Artists @ Mawkdok Drive in

Organised By: Rockski Group & Alchemy

There is no denying it; this year closing festival was a real slammer! With MC Brother Culture from the U.K. trading some reggae grooves with Shillongites at the TIF ground in Mawkdok village which is an hour’s drive from Shillong. One thing note worthy about the fest was the positive vibes, filled dancefloor and it also offered a meshed hybrid of other musical genres by local solo artists and bands. The festival was jaw dropping displacing all atmosphere with a sensual lust of mesmerizing tunes and F&B that’s splendor in its rawest form.

With that we can’t wait to see what’s in store this New Year. We here at Chameleon Press only hope to see the scene building a blizzard of interest with modesty of having regular gigs and we see a storm take every music lover to a world of bliss.

Brother Culture @ Escape to Mawkdok

Chameleon Press Staff

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