World Music Day 2012

If you’re one among those who had always been complaining about the absence of a ‘scene’ and how the music circuit has been starved of gigs and that it sucks. You ought to know that June was a month filled with music since the very first weekend of the month there was live music, till the actual day where the whole world celebrated Music which was the 21st.

On this day, here in our town there was an event that showcased the reflection of a sound-scape to commemorate this auspicious day of music. The clock struck 4 and the venue which was Savio Hall was filled with the aroma of music and so, also, the gloomy monsoon weather of Shillong was taken over by the sound of music and never seemed to be as radiant as ever before.

Street Stories

The show was kick started by Kruzzax, a solo project of Dauni Laloo (POTFM fame)  his brilliant R n B compositions was fresh, innovative and sleek, his performance had a great vibe too. He pulled it all together real well without any glitches neither dragging with the tempo of the beats. Up next was melodic hardcore When Everything Falls Apart, channeling the best of their originals the band laid down an almost tight set with some incendiary guitars and powerful vocals, the band played 5 dongs including their popular single “Fading Out”.  Felixis doing what he does best, belted out some undulating guitar solos, his passion and sheer experience with his six strings was fantastic to watch on stage.


Fassen Majaw (WEFA)

Street Stories took the stage next and they are now being touted as one of Shillong’s established band. The band played a consistent set with some tight and well crafted songs like ‘Quest for question’, ‘On the line’, ‘Ink and Pen’, ‘Beans nightmare’ etc. The band’s front-man Pezo even went to the extent of performing shirtless in between and the band had the highest energy set of the evening. Joe Mc, blazed through his acoustic set flawlessly and had the crowd adored. Empirical Tribe was up next and the band channeled some old school rock into a perfectly tight set. Still Status, were the surprise package of the evening. Playing death-core, the band had the crowd whipped up into a frenzy with their crushing riffs and spontaneous breakdowns. Rangdap and Friends were feeling the love that evening as they got on stage. Gushing profusely about their love of all things music, the band played an interesting set with Jasmine on vocals flawless as always they had the crowd sing along to “Rolling in the Deep.” Just before the curtains fell into an evening of refreshing musical tunes, Rangdap had many other musicians on stage and jammed along with all of them into a cheerful two cover song set.


Joe MC

Felix Langstieh

Empirical Tribe

Jazzmin Ralte

Jameer Aaron

Ben Daniel

Stil Status

Rocky Lyngdoh Mawphlang

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