Song Review: The Ladder – Dead Calm Chaos

Face it! this is a mean unforgiving arsenal of a thrashy death-tinged song that pulverizes you with a constant high-speed frontal charge. For a band rooted in such aggression,  it’s refreshing to discover that this track “The Ladder” (Listen Here)sounds like an avalanche of inventive riffs that slides right past the edge of a rage embedded mid-section, which would blow your head away.

Produced neither too much nor too little, “The Ladder” sounds exactly as its makers believe it should; like five musicians playing a tight live show where the digitized soullessness of excessive effects and overdubs is off the table. Dead Calm Chaos is here teaching a lesson in how angry music should be played and remembered.

Pure death/thrash fans will highly appreciate this one, additionally being a self produced single this is an epic of an attempt (let the faggots get fucked looking for a classy producer), Dead Calm Chaos is standing tall as an example of getting down to mean business by taking the DIY route at its best.

Bottom line: Thrash, Death, Groove, hardcore fans this one’s for you. Dead Calm Chaos has proven that it’s high time to make an impact and here they are all geared for one hell of a collision, leaving no room for survivors.

Dead Calm Chaos @ Cloud Confluence Fest 2011



Chameleon Press Staff

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