Song Review: The forces of Nazarene – Judas Ancestry

Without a doubt this is a dark, melodic death groove that would hit you all at once (Listen Here). But the influences including the likes of Tristania, Epica, Within Tempation and Autumn is on a high, assuming that the band is bending too much on the side of replicating their genres; by featuring those mournful harmonizing clean lady vocals and keyboards. Although, the production is crisp and sounds very muscular. The songwriting and track structuring too is inspiring, paying collective tribute to various styles of metal while they’re forging an identity of its own. However, this song in particular also shows that the band is trying too hard to stand out from the herd, when at the same time the band fails to understand that this attempt, which to them is probably epic, is boredom that goes beyond understanding put at its best to analytical and critical minds of those who are fed up of hearing typical genres mixed.

To summarize, the band here unlike many, refuses to rely solely on speed, aggression, and volume to make an impact. This song won’t simply make your head bang instead will only make you sway a waltz.



Chameleon Press Staff

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