Song Review: The pretentious and the deceived – Plague Throat

Furious, pummeling, paint splattered-indiscriminately-on-the-walls song structure, this death/grind mean machine known as Plague Throat has raised a shovel at producing classy metal tunes aimed squarely at the head of spazz-out metal. The fast riffs, the little breakdowns, the assaulting blast beats and then there’s the rasping vocal works. “The pretentious and the deceived” veers all over the place all in the space of 4 minutes 17 seconds reminiscent of Putrid Pile and Nile. Also, this single has something of a monster magnet stoner vibe to it. The boys of Plague Throat are indeed competent musicians because even in a day and age where music flashes by your ears in an instant at the click of a mouse to draw attention, yet, they simply score high grades in those areas too. However, more often than listening to them on tape they are greater live.

Ratings: 7/10

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Chameleon Press Staff

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