Song Review: Iwaska – Ciphertext

There’s nothing more trivial than music; that blends in more than one genre, it’s not the worst thing ever heard, but it’s also far from top-shelf quality. It can be played through in full, and when it’s over, a mild reaction is expressed. This description fits Ciphertext single “Iwaska” like a pair of cushy sweatpants, with subtle difference in the riffs and the transition from the “harsh” verses to the “clean” choruses. They take the metalcore/Djent instruction manual and go page by page in order, and what’s left is something vanilla and inoffensive. The song is awesome and does have a futuristic feel, basted with vigor; followed by some patterns of electronic sampling that isn’t distracting but fits the arrangement well. However, there is a certain lack of originality as the clean vocals are being strewn around just like any other already existing bands of such genres. But even with that said, this little piece of an ambitious attempt by the band will for sure appeal to anybody outside of their fan base as well.</p>

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Rating: 5/10


Chameleon Press Staff

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