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Review: The Line between you and me is a blink

Sometimes we wonder,”Are we on the right track?”,”Do we count days?”,”Are we happy?”. Culturally, we Indians are a family-bound society and there will come a time when we will question ourselves and then we shall ponder on the big question mark. What is our purpose in society? …(dead air..blackout)

This short film is an artistic depiction of the drill a typical engineering student at NIT Silchar goes through. What happens later? we don’t know! Only the protagonist would know. You can ask Jubaraj Baruah about it 😀

Production wise, it is amazing to see that this low budget film managed to surface everyone’s expectations by keeping it simple on every aspect. The time lapse effect saved the casting drama and emphasized on the sequel which is a big thumbs up. And yes, the cross process and grayscale color filterting did a good job with the two parts of the film. But the fact that they borrowed the two tracks of John Mayer and Coldplay  for the video made it less original.




Jubaraj Baruah/Nipan Talukdar/Rakesh Gogoi



Best Direction ,Best Editing, and Best Movie in the Directors Cut event @ Incandescence 2012 (NIT Silchar)



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Shasnank Shekhar says:

I watched it without sound and looked good however my curiosity led me to the directors link which shows him as a Business Analyst, I would be happier if it was anything something else… However he appreciates Shanghai more than Rowdy Rathore so good enough… Good 1…