Review: Metropolis

The glorious sleaze of METROPOLIS  Shillong leg was the perfect offering made to the art and music lovers of the city. The photographers and even the artists alike have done themselves proud, they delivered a gargantuan exhibition of the weekend on the 19th of August 2012. Clearly interested in throwing and showcasing their toys out of the pram, the troupes under the moniker The Small Art Project (Shillong), Curves and Shades (Guwahati) and Seeking Kali Collective ( USA, Belgium and Canada) has outshined themselves by treating the arts enthusiast with their huge magnificent collections of photographs as well as paintings.

Some of the highlighting paintings and thought provoking ones were of Ranjan Engticode, his works threw some serious weight into the apathy of those above us to take the responsibility in making our lives more easier; the sight of his artworks was a joy to behold. Shillong’s photographers the likes of Baia Marbaniang, Nathaniel Majaw, Lang Kupar War, Mirnal Ghosh et al left behind some spell-binding taste through their pictures. Shillong’s Premier Artist Careen J. Langstieh slayed her way towards the full quota of review marks through her ever amazing artworks which are based on several local themes. Dipankar Singha as evident from the exhibition does not only have a reputation for digital art but he is an established entity of both spheres of art be it digital or physical, he’s got it all.

The musical performances of the day saw Street Stories playing an acoustic set featuring David of Dosser’s Urge and this was for sure another welcoming respite to those attendees as the band played a simply stunning sounding set. Then came in Digital Suicide after whose performance was cancelled the previous night at X JAM. They joined Street Stories on stage and jammed “Paint me dry”. Then, after which Digital Suicide plunged into an impromptu jam throughout the evening.

METROPOLIS ended with a prize distribution program to those who bagged some laurels at X JAM and it was indeed an excellent first show, all said and done.


Chameleon Press Staff

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