Review: Hexes + Drama and other reasons for evacuation – Blek

These Mumbai Indie punk/rockers have been kicking around the Indian Indie circuit for almost a year now. And, within their short span of existence,  theses boys of BLEK! have already put a stamp in the indie production arsenal with their first studio effort Hexes + Drama and other reasons for evacuation.  The band’s display of a potentially consummate pop-craft ridden debut is definitely an element to keep an ear for, making this first release of theirs a cauldron of great tunes laced with a variety pop sound too.

The artwork is excellently ironic and so is the title. Overall, the album is an excellent one too if you’re the type who digs catchy, meaty (but never wimpy) punk that rocks out between the sounds of The Fratellis and Brand New. Stuffed to the gills with harmonious power, it stands up to anything you’ll hear from far more “famous” Indian indie punk bands. 😉

Album art



Chameleon Press Staff

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