Review: You are not alone E.P – Alien Sky Cult

One of the most exciting things about youthful Delhi-ites quintet Alien Sky Cult is that if they can hold it together, they’ve got plenty of time to develop as musicians. Given the quality of their debut E.P You Are Not Alone released on 23|02|2013, they have the potential to be one hell of a band.

Led by Akkshit on vocals, this bunch delivers some impressive melding aggression to tunes that are catchy, meshed with a whirlwind of biting guitar accents, solid rhythms and crisp songs packed with grooves. Through this debut offering, one can definitely feel the vibe that there has clearly been a concerted effort by the band to perfectly hone metal-core motifs trading a wielding soundscape whilst pushing and groaning beneath weighty atmospheric tracks. However, this effort could have been more original if they had just taken their inspirations from renowned hardcore acts as just inspirations rather than putting them on record literally as hinted on their tracks. Nevertheless, this outfit is making way for their young contemporaries.

Rating : 6/10

You can stream/buy their EP below.

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