In Pictures: Lasubon Kite Flying Festival 2013

Kite Flying is very popular here in our hometown and often we see kite flying taking form in a battle rather known as kite fighting and this is a common sight that we usually see here, be it kids or young adults.

This game is very popular many a times there would be kids  running after kites that have been cut. The kite running law is such that once a kite is cut, it does not belong to anyone and everyone goes after it. One never usually stops until the kite is in possession with someone. Could be chaotic but it’s fun and don’t deny we all have had our fair share of experiences don’t we?

Anyway, last weekend on the 5th of January 2012, we saw the annual Lasubon Kite Flying Festival. The attempt made by the Tourism department, Government of Meghalaya was a success. Kites of various sizes and shapes were seen flying high in the sky above the lush green Golflink ground. Kite flyers from all around graced the festival with a display of unique crafted kites and the sky was filled with different colored kites flying bravely that charmed everyone present at the venue. For those of you who missed it, Chameleon Press brings to you some moments captured on camera from the event. Check pictures below 🙂

Chameleon Press Staff

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