Review: Mon Khmer @ Cloud 9

Can we call the Mon Khmer gig a family gig? Yes, the presence of front man Hammarsing’s family and friends from his hometown could be one of the reasons, but what was seen to have made him more happy was the part where he got the chance to jam with his dad, the ever renowned Lou Majaw and local boys of POTFM fame who were declared winners of “THE ONE” Shillong Lajong Theme Song Contest Jason and Dauni.

Just in case you din’t know, the Mon Khmer debut EP is free and it’s definitely something to provide a quick onslaught of goodness. Believe it! It does. And to see them put out a live set of those songs, one can only tell that these guys have outdone themselves. This quartet shined through their one hour set and created a masterpiece filled ambience at Cloud 9 which created a large level of excitement among Shillong fans who watched them live for the very first time. Their set created a spacey mood that is quite to be remembered even when nothing flashy took place but just a decent stage act delivered in their utmost simplicity that in turn built a catchy atmosphere. The overall vibe of the gig got even  brighter as the two boys Jason and Dauni joined forces with Mon Khmer in belting out the Shillong Lajong theme song along the assistance of the Snap Paka troupe.

The first major highlight of the gig has to be the part where Hammarsing’s dad took over vocals duties that caused a very good reaction from everyone present at the venue. Next up was a series of them playing their songs that blew the doors off with a sound so tight with their producer Jeremy Loucas behind the mix.

Then came in the second highlight which was a collaboration again and slightly more entertaining because the man himself Lou Majaw graced the stage along with the quartet and at this point the gig has taken its toll on everyone present at the venue. Lou’s alacrity was at his peak and this was definitely the penultimate showcase of the night, whether it being a musical pounding or a raging storm of fun filled entertainment. His prevailing attitude towards interacting with the crowd and have them sing along uncritically was a blast!

This gig was one which gave goose- bumps and there were moments that felt the presence of an ominous vibe that almost lulls you into a state of calm  while your guard is down.

Mon Khmer

Chameleon Press Staff

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