Madonna tribute by Melissa Totten in Shillong

What better way to celebrate a tribute gig with an actual tribute artist? The highly acclaimed Madonna impersonator Melissa Totten performed here in Shillong on the 23rd August 2012 at Cloud 9 as part of Black Dog Easy Evenings- Madonna Forever Tour. It was a small but effective show and the audience members were all part of the exclusive invitation list with f&b on the house. Melissa Totten is a fantastic mirror image of the pop diva herself. We were there and here is what we think.

You don’t get much from recording artists these days and the fact that she sings live, dances and had impromptu interaction with the audience just proved what a great performer she is. She had a dancing troupe comprising of two males and females who wasted no time on pleasantries and were like a humorously misfiring confetti bomb! Melissa Totten performed a 2hour set which had her and the dancers change wardrobe 4 times to match the different eras in Madonna’s career. Now that’s class!

The first set highlighted the early 80’ when Madonna released Madonna and Like a Virgin, The second set had them performing to songs from the late 80’s albums True Blue & Like a Prayer. Then came the early 90’s with Maverick, Erotica and Bedtime Stories. The last part of her set had her singing note perfect renditions from Ray of Light and Music. We must admit that Melissa’s singing skills are very commendable; perhaps even better then the pop diva herself.

The kind of passion Melissa displayed from start till end of her show was beyond remarkable; it was more than even something worth underlining as a show that generated a lot of heat, to have plenty of good reasons to storm through memories off a life. She was amusing, sizzling, and charismatic; the whole show was such a thrilling and stirring joyride more than anyone would ever know lest they have experienced it themselves.

Chameleon Press Staff

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