Karaoke World Championships

The Karaoke World Championships came and went, but the after-effects of those performances of the spurting talents of our Shillong has had a profound impact on many. The journey by far since the good old trial rounds wasn’t an easy job to most, especially those who fell flat in a note or two or for the record, couldn’t croon better than what the rest could. However, the sportsmanship spirit of those who made their comebacks at the different trial rounds and sang their hearts out to make it through the cut was a joy to see and something which was very extremely impressive. Every Friday Cloud 9 being the official venue would be packed with supporters of these Karaoke partakers and of course, the lustrous and amazing voices be it soft, low voice or tone, they’ve without a second thought enthralled every member of the audience and as well as the judges.

For almost a month since it started, KWC is an event that has as an independent platform set a reputation for itself higher than most other talent hunts that has sprung out of our city and this is something that doesn’t usually happen here in our small but wonderful city. Also, the chilled-out moods of the juries and no-nonsense attitude (as in everybody undertook the competition seriously) made the event even more significant and has by far plotted itself a landmark and would like to make a comeback next year also.  This show in Shillong is different from most, it had a decent crowd singing along to the songs of which those performers sang or rather even have those who despite after a bottle or two from the increasingly intoxicated but spirited crowd on stage after every set of the competition unashamedly sing to their favorite tunes.

Throughout the journey, there have been some normal performances and at the same time there are those of a behemoth stature. Some names in the likes of Jameer Kharkongor, Asenla Jamir, Gracyl Ropmay, Evanricia Jyrwa, Perfectly Suting, Samuel Ralte even went down being the hardest and most outstanding contestants to have ever competed at the KWC and all of their performances proves exactly that. Apart from this, one listen to all the contestants makes it quite clear that everyone involved in KWC did what their thing for the sheer love of it. Right from the onset, it’s been evident that the talents who came forth to exploit those glorious moments of an overnight fame are much more than just the average singers.( And mark our words when we say this, cause we  at Chameleon Press we’re all there at the venue every single night). DAMN! We had the time of our lives too watching them performing. Sighs!

With a follow up of a series of trial rounds which we’re magnificent, there was one night that had Emperical Tribe a local rock band performing. Although, it was eccentric to have a band on stage after a strong acquired taste of karaoke to most in the audience, yet, the band successfully managed to pull off an ace balancing act on the VERY thin line that separates Karaoke music and music by bands. A week later, we saw the final leg and the toughest battle of all, wherein, every qualifier of the KWC Shillong came well equipped with their voices, set to send the anticipating audience into frenzy and had them all stunned! According to the general norms of the contest there should be two winners one being a male and female from each zone but…. The organizers after seeing the awe-inspiring and impressive performances of our karaoke geniuses were keen to have four winners from here and they are as follows.

 Male category:

1. Jameer Aaron Kharkongor

2. Freddie Nelson Thangkhiew

Female category:

1. Gracyl Ropmay

2. Asenla Jamir

These four winners will head out to Kolkatta and compete at the Zonal finals and show the city of fish that they can rock out the best of them on the 14th of September. Other than that, probably…. if they make it through the final zonal round they’d win themselves a slot at the national finals in Mumbai and yet again, if they can make it through the national final there taking off to Finland and have the opportunity of a lifetime performing at the Holiday Club Saimaa, the Northern Europe’s largest entertainment spa. In the meantime, ladies and gentlemen please keep sending your well-wishes and regards to our karaoke’s torch bearers. Peace!

Chameleon Press Staff

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