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Mumbai based Alt Rockers SPLIT are currently touring India promoting their debut album “Counting Perfume”.  They have plotted an 8 city tour and yes, Guwahati & Shillong are in the map. Split will be playing at Blues, Guwahati on 23rd Feb and Dejavu, Shillong on 24th Feb as part of the Counting Perfume Tour. Chameleon press caught up with Garreth D’Mello , their vocalist for a short interview. Cheggit!


-Hey Garreth. Welcome abroad to Chameleon Press, first of all were eager to know about; how is 2012 as a year shaping up for the band?

Garreth: Shaping up wonderfully! The album’s sounding great, the artwork and the CDs are looking great, people who have heard the album or the sampler love it, the tour’s in place, and we can’t wait to start. The Bombay launch went off really well, we had an absolute blast at the gig, and we got a great response to the gig and to the album.

-You guys have just launched your album in a few cities so far, how many more cities you will be touring?

Garreth: Well, apart from Bombay we’re doing 7 cities in all – Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Guwahati, then Shillong, and then Kolkata. Those are back-to-back. Then we get back to Bombay for a while, and then we do Pune.

-Talking about the Shillong tour, what was your reaction like; when you heard that you were going to play & promote your album here?  Considering that, this is the band’s first ever gig in Shillong.

Garreth: Oh, that was one of the most exciting things about the tour! We’ve all heard wonderful things about Shillong, so we’re very excited to even be coming there at all! We’re finally going to get to see Shillong, and the fact that we’re going to be playing there makes it even better. Unfortunately we’re gonna be there for barely 24 hours…but hopefully we’ll come back and spend more time in Shillong soon.

-You worked with extraordinaire Zorran Mendonsa, the man who has done production work for some amazing & fabulous overseas acts in the likes of ‘Solstate’ & ‘New Way Home’. Can you elaborate on the whole experience, did you guys undergo a test run before recording or straight away hit the studio & recorded.

Garreth: We didn’t exactly do a test run, but Zorran came over for a Split jam one evening, took notes, shared a few ideas, discussed plans for recording, and then we got going a couple of days later. Two days at YRF Studios recording drums, then we were semi-camped at Hamza Kazi’s jam room for a couple of weeks recording guitars, bass, and vocals, and doing a bit of mixing, and finally we went back to YRF for a couple of days to work on the final mixes and masters. After that, Zorran worked on the masters a bit by himself, and sent them to us. It was really exciting and interesting, and there was a part of us that didn’t want it to end.

album art


-Well, coming back to the gig. What do you have in store for your soon to be converted fans here? Play the whole album exclusively or shuffle a set list including the old songs.

Garreth: Well, a gig experience is quite different from listening to an album by yourself or even with friends… we’re going to play all of the songs on the album, and probably a couple more. But we’ll shuffle things around, we’ll do a few jams too, and there’s gonna be a lot of madness… it’s gonna be pretty wild.

-This is arguably an out of the world question we suppose, but anyway, still were asking you since we are very nosy. Recently, we’ve seen that there is a boost in the in the rise of metal’s popularity in India. As an altenative/hardrock band what’s your take on that?

Garreth: Hmmm… I don’t know. Metal’s always seemed very popular to me, and I haven’t really noticed any recent boost. The metal scene has always been very dedicated and strong in India, it’s a great scene. There are things about it that we find amusing, but hey, on some level we’re metal fans too. We may be a kind of alternative, hard rock band, like you say, but our influences include some great metal bands, and there are contemporary Indian metal bands that we really enjoy, like Scribe and Bhayanak Maut.

-Do you have any message for your fans in Shillong, or perhaps some message for people who wouldn’t be able to make it to the gig?

Garreth: To fans who think they won’t be able to make it, all I have to say is: whatever else you have planned for that evening, do it some other time. We’ll make it worth your while. And the ones who are coming for the gig… hey, we’re coming to deliver the message in person.

Garreth D'Mello of SPLIT




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