Interview with Balkan’s Hi-Fi

There’s no denying it. With their summer beach feel mixing laid down in the tracks, Balkan’s Hi-Fi are well and truly shaking it up. Before hitting our hometown this weekend on the 10th to play their first debut Krunk gig this side we had a little chat-a-thon with the boys to learn more and at the same time to educate you all our dear readers, about how they get dance-floors filled with a positive vibe that offers a meshed hybrid of all reggae sub genres with various dub sounds as well. 


-With the exception of music, what other hobbies do you have?

Igor: Definitely cooking. Since music is not a hobby anymore, but a full time job, I have really very little time for other hobbies.

Medo: Music isn’t hobby so I would say graphic design then, since I am going on collage for it.


-What would a perfect day be like to you?

Igor: Beach, 20kw of soundsystem, sunshine and hectolitres of Cuba Libre.


-Do you get a sense of achievement after you play a gig or do you focus on the things that haven’t gone well?

Igor & Medo: Good question, a bit of both we believe. You respect what you’ve accomplished in that night, but you’re also thinking about what you could do to make it even better. It’s something like two edged sword in a way 🙂


-Do you think it’s an advantage in life to be easily pleased?

Igor & Medo: It’s definitely a disadvantage.


-Your mixing skills are incredible. How do you go about figuring/laying down out a track man. Could you gives a little insight to it?

Medo: Feel the music, space, elements in it and boom! Good mix is here. Nothing special really, just need to know stuff your playing.


-What was the worst thing you ever did at a gig?

Igor: Cancelled it. Medo: Played Joker promoter tune 😉


-If you had to become a teacher what subject would you teach and why?

Igor: History. Coz history teaches us about how things were and how things would be in the future.

Medo: Ethics.


-As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Igor: professional skateboarder hehe 🙂 but since i have two left legs, i’ve opted to be a DJ.

Medo: A lot of stuff! But you put this tings away when you move off your pink glasses.


-What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever taken home after a tour?

Igor: prolly a box of black pudding(Scottish dish). However, it lasted till I’ve arrived in next town 🙂

Medo: Black oil from sunflower in Austria! Never tasted better one!


-Finally, the best advice you can give is?

Igor & Medo: Dream your dreams. They do come true.

Balkan’s Hi Fi @ Outlook Festival 2012 | Credit: Maja Milic

Chameleon Press Staff

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