Harley Rock Riders 2012 – Shillong

With a large portion of early attendees to witness the very first HARLEY ROCK RIDERS the State Central library compound was overpopulated with both music lovers and bike enthusiast, as this is the first show that has brought the marvelous and ever popular Harley Bikes to our city.

The evenings show kick-started with a set by Shillong’s veteran punk pop act Street Stories, well; “with a thousand words to say but one” their set was a force to reckon with, which received a good reception from the crowd. Guwahati alternative act Lucid Recess should have been the forecast event freak out. There’s no crap about the band, of course they play well and tight, but them playing seven to eight songs in one set would endure every gig goer to jump out the window but that could have been the case only if the venue was indoor, thankfully it wasn’t. After LR the much patient metal crowd waited for their moment and which   after four Fucking years! Their back to annihilate the hungry metalheads, and as Bhayanak Maut was pacing up for a monster of a set the venue was escorted with loud ‘Bhayanak Maut’! ‘Bhayanak Maut’! chants. The chants continued as the members of BM were doing their line check and stuff till the mark of nearly ten minutes, then they gradually plunged into an intense set in every sense, that got the starving metal kids into a full blown mosh gash. Executing songs in the likes of ‘Dear Name’, ‘Ungentle’, ‘I am Man’ (which was also a dedication to Vibhu Sharma of Rock Street Journal, the man behind the entire show) and ‘Blasted beyond Belief’ to name a few. This hardcore known as Bhayanak Maut is so heavy they provided an energetic spring-heeled jack-off performance, using the stage like a cheap whore, earning them a well-deserved salute as they exit and the venue was finally calm down.

The Harley Rock Riders serves as an awesome reminder of how Rock Street Journal upped the ante on our shores in ’08 with the Great Indian Rock Festival. A landmark gig that had some of the finest acts of our country graced the stage.

Chameleon Press Staff

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