Gig Review: The iffy gig(SPLIT Album Launch)

To start off with, here’s! For all you skeptics, the turnout was disappointing, thanks to the 300 bucks per peg tariff  examination season that overshadowed the hunger of every music loving kid; from witnessing a paramount live show. Nonetheless, the show despite that drawback of holding a huge crowd yet had some fans that turned up for the night to actually pay attention to the bands on stage before them, knowing that they for them “are the next big thing”.

The show kick started by performances of the local based supporting act “Empirical Tribe”. This outfit brought down the house with their brand of alternative meets soft driven rock and fucking roll. They belted out quite a few originals and for sure they still lack some qualities in terms of the said dictum but any way, they did well by playing a tight set. Also, the energy of their front man, who kept on interacting with the audience, somehow got their attention towards the last minute of their set. However, as it has apparently been seen by the many since the bands inception, the steady work ethics and perseverance of this particular band over the years, has seen them carve out a niche for themselves in and around the Shillong Rock scene.

Empirical Tribe ( greg absconded into the crowd :p)

ERRMMMM!! The next to hit the stage were yes! If you had already guessed it, you got it right. The torchbearers of the Indian indie alternative scene Split, a volatile combination of musicians, with unquestionable chemistry, this band pummeled the crowd into submission by brandishing out one crushing rocker after another. By all accounts, their impressive stage act had taken its toll wholeheartedly and this is the kind that Shillongites rarely sees. Opened their set with “pigs society” they’d for a while seemed to have threaten in bringing the roof down, but in turn, it’s sad to see the WHAT!? Reaction on the many, well, of course except for those who really understood what type and sound is Split all about. Just for the sake of these newbie’s, that, eventually led the band to belt some slow numbers in between their set; however, they made a comeback with the likes of “holy ghost machine gun” which for some fans was really ferocious and unrelenting and the band was at their absolute zenith in that performance.

Garreth& Melroy of Split @ the iffy gig

You see, Split aren’t a band for the pretentious or the pristine, it’s about getting your arms in the air and just going for it, and with 110 percent effort given in every song, you can just go about forgiving them for only playing a 45 minute set. As the gig was in full progress, some people complained about the loud music owing to the fact that DejaVu lounge is located at a residential area. Droll!. Now coming back to the gig, the rolls around on stage by Split members one being Garreth and the other Melroy upon announcing the last of tunes is a testament to Split’s enthusiasm and familiarity with their trademark on stage banter.

Aviv of Split @ the iffy gig

Top marks go to the Iffy Gig for actually being daring to take the plunge and start off its first, from amongst a series of other monthly events that are yet to come in the city. The Iffy gig is also a proof that the Shillong music scene is healthier and even more diverse than ever before.

Oh! Gregory is back!

Chameleon Press Staff

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