Gig Review: Mumbai Punk Attack feat. BLEK(Mumbai) & The Verbs(Shillong)

Believe it or not, Mumbai Punk Attack featuring young indie upstarts BLEK(Mumbai) and local funkers THE VERBS, was so impactful that it created a multifaceted swirling atmosphere at Cloud 9 past tuseday.

Unbeknown to us, THE VERBS unassuming reunion took a major toll among those who has been craving for the early 80’s rock spliced with some contemporary funk. THE VERBS when they appeared live after adding crucial members on guitars, that being Amarnath Hazarika a Berklee graduate and original founder and bassist Jeffery Z Laloo. Now brings to the fore, their angular, stop/start motion,rhythmical song construction which is often a front for attractive melody lines which waft in and out of consciousness and particularly come together on songs like ‘Ka Juk Mynta’. Even more so is the ‘What’s My Name’ being the last number they belted out, the insistent movement and charisma of Donald Warjri(frontman) which is particularly enticing got the crowd moving. Think frantic early funk new wave, with nods to the ilk of RHCP, XTC and you’re part way there, yet their own slant sets them apart from any convenient reference point one can summon your way.

The Verbs

Firstly, it’s worth mentioning that this band also sported the most impressive collection of guitar effects pedals ever seen, hence the accompanying snap says as much about them as any traditional representation might. Yes! Here we are talking about BLEk! They cut quite a dash with tall guy who is just 19 ( but does not look like one of that age) Jared on Bass, Rishi’s all flailing arms, on his Fender Telecaster and chirpy vocal styles, augmented by their more regular sized compatriot, their drummer Varoon. There’s a kind of ragged garagey quality to the trio’s mix of psyche and angry punk, all fed through the vibe that they displayed to be of high energy, something unexpected from a band like theirs.


During their set, things are generally thrifty and sharp. For example, not outstaying its welcome at all was ‘Running into walls occasionally helps’ which starts out like classic 1966 who but has a gritty new wave vibe which grabs the ear but was all over in about 3 and a half minutes flat. Changing the mood, the sparks of ‘minus The make-up’ lit and had almost everyone in the crowd grooved up – somewhere in between their set, we detected Deepankar Sigha (Alienleaf studios) bouncing on stage with his camera whilst filming them perform and Pezo Kronu of Street Stories fame being labeled “monkey desperate” by Rishi due to his constant demand of ‘The Monkey song’ lol :D. Anyway, set-off against their folky infectious sound was “The life aquatic with Steve Zissou” .We didn’t nab the name of band’s last song, but amid the air of fuzzy, indubitable feedbacks, that came along with some nasty-but-nice tearing runs from both Rishi and Jared who kept on interacting with the audience to bring the performance to a frenetic conclusion.

Amarnath of The Verbs

Rishi of Blek


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