Gig Alert! Tarik in Shillong!

Tarik(Delhi/Shillong) live at DEJAVU Lounge on the 14th of April 2012(saturday)!
Tarik is a three-piece band and audio visual project based in India.

Tarik aims not to just play and perform but also use music as a way to convey a certain Shillong-inspired zeitgeist, a social situation that is local and in many ways universal as well. We sing out against what we see as injustice and unfairness in the world – whether that means corporate corruption, government inefficiency or stories from people off the streets whose voices aren’t heard.

We focus on a musical style that best captures the spirit of a space – not merely at an auditory but at a visual one as well. Our visual material is gathered from local spaces in town (tea stalls, local bars, brothels, traditional markets, etc) that complement our musical content. Our sound is best described by an artist/ friend K Max – “Tarik is best imagined as a lounge samba orchestra on their way to the Rio Sheraton that took a wrong flight and ended up in an opium den instead.

7pm Onwards | Entry @ Rs 250

Discounts on drinks applicable on for The Iffy Gig!

Gig Poster

Mobika Maring