Call for entries: F8 Photography

Creative energies are ever moving and are blossoming with a myriad of awesomeness when a splash of innovations and big ideas help put together artworks. Our small town Shillong is already bursting at the seams owing credit to a whole lot of extraordinaire art-forms that had been unleashed in the past and that are yet to come to life in the present times and also the future.

In addition to the growth and development of the arts, The Small Art Project and Native Eyes Photography supported by the Govt. Of Meghalaya has initiated a project towards developing and creating the quintessential sensibilities of photography as a new medium of fine art. This is a new mode in pursuit of creative communications through different forms of imageries whilst interpreting one’s soulful thought and idea.

In context to this, Shillong will play host to its very first International Photography exhibition and workshop that will include renowned Swiss photographer Coni Horler, Maneesh Mandana and lots more from around the nation and our very own  region. This event which would be held over 4 days is slated for the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th of July 2014 under the Moniker F8. In the words of the organizers, F8 pertains to the F as in F stop/aperture in relevance to photography and 8 to the different states of the Northeastern Region.

Entries to the photography contest is open for submissions on the theme “Meghalaya”. Entries will be screened and judged by a panel of renowned experts in the field and will be featured in the 2015 edition of the Meghalaya Calendar.

Check the poster below for details:

F8-Call for entries



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