Dymbur all set to create a ruckus

The four young souls that make up Dymbur  have lately found themselves in something of a surreal situation being winners of Meghalaya Icon 5 wherein they are named brand ambassadors of Megahalaya AIDS control Society for one year and also winners of the second edition of Shillong Battle Rock.

Formed two years ago, Dymbur as an outfit are heavily influenced by the likes of Veil of Maya, Erra, Textures, Meshuggah and Volumes. They have released one single to date and with an impressive stage act in the build-up, Dymbur looks like they are well on their way to breaking out of their humble North-East backgrounds to expose their brand of progressive metal to a wider audience.

On a short tête-à-tête with the band, “Dymbur is primarily about original song writing and sounding different from their modern/progressive metal contemporaries. Our band is a culmination of hard-work, sincerity, dedication, unity not just in terms of music but as well as in the personal front, every member of the band is involved in making important decisions.” says guitarist Cornelius Kharsyntiew. “At this point in our lives we want to make music that people of our age can listen and hopefully relate to a lot. With the growing fan base and supporters in metal we can only hope that the metal scene in Shillong gets bigger with time and there shouldn’t be any more fooling around when it comes to metal music”, asserts vocalist Neil Lyngdoh. “We didn’t have money when we started out. We initially had to borrow equipment and gear from other fellow musicians. It can be hard, but I feel it’s eventually all worth it!” Cornelius adds.

Dymbur on winning Shillong Battle Rock 2014

Dymbur on winning Meghalaya Icon 5


While Dymbur are by no means unappreciative of their success, there’s definitely no doubt that the band’s commitment and focus on the music has proven that this particular progressive metal unit is one that assaults all sonic sensibilities. In short-the band has energy devoid of ego and pretension; they are set to create a ruckus wherever they may roam.

Listen to their debut single When Anger Dwells below.



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