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Album Review: Beyond the Fence – Rangdap

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         Didn’t hear this one in 2011 but nonetheless, it’s placed in the starting- year list as no.1 in our shelves,here’s formally reviewing it. In case the name doesn’t ring a bell, the album is a must listen, this is a testament that would bring a definite end to the “seriously what’s in a name?” Also, a definite refining vintage rock-sound could be heard in this album. The progression of Rangdap Cooper Kharshiing, has made as a composer since his last album startling. Quickly emerging as one of Shillong’s finest solo composer, this one man band has produced a record that is triumphantly impressive. He has always been noted for his incredible talent with his six string and his undulating solos. This is once more brilliantly showcased in this past year released full length record of his. The album highlights layers of astounding guitars, with a smart mood-shifting track structure that never drops the baton. “Beyond the Fence” is so much more than self-indulgent or, dare you say it, weak album. It’s hard hitting, it’s brave, it’s happy, it’s sad, it’s amusing and it’s harrowing. In short, it’s bloody great.

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i says:

Gotcha Avinandan! i <3 the song "kumno" and "jump space".
good stuff! and hats off to the chameleooooon guys \,,/

Avinandan says:

Thanks to one of my friend, I got both the albums. I have listened to them quiet a lot.

Mamas boy was an album about the struggles and tests you as a musicain had to go through, and Beyond the fence is waht has come out of those struggles.

The one song that defines Rangdap in this album is jump space. That is pure Rangdap, no satriani, no vai or malmsteen for that matter.

The track is great and for me it defines what is “beyond the fence”.

Good work!